Hi! My name is Margaret Sramko and I am a leading Transformational Teacher and Dream Therapist that guides women to reclaim their inherent Queen Power allowing them to create soul aligned limitless abundance with unstoppable faith, trust and confidence.

I have eight years experience in welfare (counselling, case management) and five years in teaching adults. In 2009 I completed my university studies in Vocational Education and Training. In 2010 I completed by studies in Dream Therapy and in 2011 I became a Qualified Passion Test Facilitator.

I loved teaching and training adults, as well as working in the welfare sector.

However, I always knew I would own my own business one day, one that would focus on helping others in some way.

I am a mother of two children. I have had many experiences in my life so far, such as backpacking around the world independently when I was 24, losing my Mum when I was 28yrs old, then suffering from Post Natal Depression after the birth of my first child and experienced the collapse of my marriage of 10 years in 2011.

My biggest challenge I found was leaving my marriage, as a broken soul – this was no one’s fault. I left with only $1700 and 100% responsibility of my two small children 100% of the time. I had no family around to help.

The last four years as a solo parent has challenged me on every level I am aware of!

It has been the most challenging, excruciating and exhilarating journey of my life. It was a journey of getting out of my head and into my heart.

This is the hardest and longest journey you will ever undertake.I look back now and realise that I went through extremely challenging times so I can do the work I do today and be of service to you, the world and fullfill my life’s purpose.

I made it home! I made it back to my soul! I became a Queen!

I define Queen as a woman who has developed confidence in her own capabilities – on every level!I am so passionate about my programs. I find dream therapy and other strategies I use to be a safe, loving way of healing emotionally which leads to increased self-acceptance, feelings of peace and a more balanced approach to life. And my clients have found this, too. You can read their testimonials.

Showing people that there are other ways to live, to be—other ways to think and to feel about themselves and others—fills me with happiness. There are a lot of limiting perceptions and mindsets going on out there, most of the time, that people don’t even realize they have….!

We all just need to be awakened to, or shown, what different ways there could be to do things. If we are not open to this, how will we know any different?

People should at least give themselves the chance to have options; to be open-minded, to listen, to free their own head space a bit to let in the possibility of possibilities!

If you decide to participate in one of my seminars or online E-course; and/or work with me one-on-one for a length of time, I guarantee you will learn so much about yourself and have fun on the way.It would be a great pleasure to work with you, if you so choose.

I am grateful for every such experience.

My promise…..

When you undertake one of my Programs, I guarantee you will learn more about yourself than you have ever known. My intention is to have you self-aware and feeling comfortable about who you are. For some, you will uncover things about yourself that you had long forgotten.

It is a pretty amazing process, and I guarantee that it is one of joy, fun and love…. I look forward to working with you.

Margaret xxx