Are you playing small?

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Are you playing small?

We women must face and look at ourselves honestly and question the beliefs we carry regarding our power to be complete – emotionally, financially and spiritually. To complete this journey of becoming a Queen, one belief you must look at is if you give your power away to men. This goes along the lines of “Do I feel safer, more confident and committed to my goals when I am in a relationship?” Don’t shrug this one off, ladies!

All the women I know who have made the journey to becoming Queens have had to deal with this aspect.

Get real, get honest and own any feelings that you can’t do it on your own, or it’s so hard on my own, or I’m scared to be on my own, or I will be happier and feel safer when I am with a partner. I will travel or go there or complete that or participate when I find the ONE. Now, dig a little deeper – because this may not be the case for you. However, you may be looking towards the masculine for business partners or doing things with. Or even on a subtle level, do you find yourself ‘letting some things slip’ with male friends/men but you wouldn’t with a girlfriend? Do you hold yourself back from BEING you 100%, doing what you want because you don’t have a man? Is your identity, belief in self and/or self-love linked to a man’s love or endorsement for you? You might be saying “Hell YES” or you may be saying “No way!”

Either way, I’m asking you to sit with this and connect to yourself on such a deep level that you can answer the question with vulnerability, authenticity and truth. I see a lot of women putting their lives on hold because of a man – whether they are in a relationship or not. For example, “Oh, I will serve and love my family, this is my life – I will accept it” OR you find yourself goal-orientated and focused, achieving what you want to create and then you meet someone and BAM, your achievements start to slow down, you make yourself available to your partner and re-schedule your time and activities. There are many levels to this and some of my examples are obvious. However, there may be many little subtle influences too! Such as you not always sharing your truth because you don’t want to upset a man. You let the little things slip, you tolerate some sexual innuendoes. You may even feel you are not understanding enough or compassionate enough if you really share your thoughts. This does swing the other way too: Are you blocking love because you know that to achieve what you want to in life a man would distract you? – I know I have done this too! This is due to some belief that you are not able to shine 100% with a man! Do you see that? Only you will know, and this is why I ask you to spend some loving time with yourself to ask these hard questions. “Am I playing small because, on some level, I have a belief that I need a man or I can’t because I am a woman?” Why do we carry this belief?

For centuries women have been suppressed, discriminated, punished and killed for just being a woman. And most of these women are ones who have spoken their truth and NOT dimmed their lights. Most of us were not taught the power of the feminine because our own mothers did not know it; they weren’t taught either. We live in a world today (taking out obvious countries that are still suppressing the feminine) that allows a woman to live freely – thank God! Look how far we have come!

The only thing holding you back is YOU. This can be due to the fact that you have deep programming where you feel you are not complete or enough on your own – you need a man to shine.

You need to explore this aspect of yourself and discover if on some level you are not experiencing all of YOU and your power. You must explore and discover if how you interpret your world is influenced by the masculine. To become a Queen you must question, explore, discover and reveal this aspect within yourself. It is freeing to identify this within oneself – very freeing! Don’t be scared of what you may discover when you dig really deep. I self-sabotaged all the time in my business and my life experiences. Sure, there were times where I achieved amazing things without a man. But when I got real with myself I discovered that a lot of my choices and actions were still influenced by how I was conditioned. I was not really free from the attachment of negative beliefs around my own power and that I needed a man.

If you are carrying around beliefs that hold you back and you are identifying them, the good news is that you can move forward for YOU and YOUR life and achieve the things you always desired. Because when you bring something up to the light and it becomes conscious, well, you then have control.

I also find that this allows me to move forward with a little humour too. I keep my negative patterning light-hearted and I play with it like a game – it has no power over me when I do this. Results of digging deep and discovering

Our men in our lives want us to be empowered and be Queens – most of them Most men in society love and want Queens – It helps them to be better men and they in turn will become KINGS You will experience greater success – you won’t ‘dim your light’ Manifest powerfully – you will define your own boundaries on your own terms, this keeps you focused and on track to living the life you want You will attract a man that loves YOU – just the way you are. It will be an authentic, real and respectful inter-dependant relationship. You are closer to being the real YOU or this may be the last little bit you need to explore before you can claim your Crown!

If you are really ready to dig deep and get to your core wound issues so, you can be free to be BE and become the Queen of your world.
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