Are you pushing your light, sparkle and love all the way down to your feet?

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Lessons from my daughter
My child had just gone to sleep and it was 10pm. She was 8 years old. We had just finished with a heart-to-heart chat – after her crying deep sobs for about 30 minutes. This is what was revealed…

Mum, I don’t play with my favourite things because I don’t want to break them or ruin them.
Mum, I LOVE Elsya and Frozen – but this is for babies and I am too old.
Mummy, I LOVE Strawberry Shortcake, but all my friends at schools say it’s for babies.
Mummy, I love to cook dessert and cakes – can you please bake with me?
Mummy, I am sad because I don’t have gratitude in my heart for the things that I do play with.”


I had NO idea! None! My heart was breaking.

How could my little girl perceive things this way – especially having me as her mum. Wow, how did I let this happen to her? I should have done something better.

Mummy guilt was kicking in. But I knew better than to let that guilt take over. I knew I would not be able to help her and empower her if I chose to stay in Mummy-guilt for too long!

Here’s how our conversation went:

Me: “Honey, I think you are so sad because you have pushed down all the things you love and hidden them from yourself and others. This would stop you from feeling grateful too.”

“Yes, Mum, I pushed them all the way to my feet!”

Me: “Ok, I want you to raise those things up, all the way from your feet and let them burst from your heart!”

“I can’t, Mum. No one at school – all my friends – don’t like these things and I don’t want them in my bedroom. I will be embarrassed.”

Me: “Stop comparing yourself to other. LOVE what you love and let it SHINE from your heart; scream it to the world! Own it baby!! Rock it and own it!”

“Summer owns it – she doesn’t care what others think. She loves My Little Pony; she has all of them and everyone thinks she is weird. I want to be like Summer!”

Me: “Let your love shine! Share your love with the world. Own what you love – this will bring you joy and gratitude. This, my darling, will make you happy and it is your job to make you happy. NEVER be ashamed of what you love – regardless of what others think.”

Ok, I am sure you get the gist of this now.

I sit here now and type this up, thinking, WOW, oh my!

1) Where in my daily life am I not ‘playing’ with my favourite things? Where in my own home am I not using my favourite things – for example, table clothes, fine glasses + table wear, burning my favourite candles – instead of waiting for a special time?

2) Do I really shine my passion and share the things I love with the world? Yes, I do. Yay me! Got this one covered. I only started really owning this 100% this year. Aahhhhh, this is why my gorgeous Divine daughter is this way – she has learnt from me the previousseven years.

3) I am going to buy the Frozen DVD and watch it with her.

4) We will bake once a week from now on. I even remembered a gorgeous children’s apron I bought in Hungary when I was 23 (with the intention of keeping it for a daughter I may have one day!) I had totally forgotten about it until now!

My God, how hard is it? I told her I don’t like cooking and that I am not good at baking. She told me that she thinks I am a great cook but, yes, I am bad at baking (hehehe). She rememberedthat from when I used to bake with her a couple of years ago – the results were always bad and no one ever ate them. But, she did remind me that it is the baking she wants to do, not so much the eating. “I want to learn, Mummy, and maybe I can help you get it right!”

There is only one thing I wish to ask you…

Where in your life are you pushing your light, sparkle and love all the way down to your feet?

In other words, what are the things you would love to do, but you deny yourself the joy?How can you pull out and use your favourite things more?What things are you too scared to share or show to the world in fear of not being accepted?

These are confronting questions but, please, spend some time thinking about this. My daughter shared her heart and her pain that night, so we women can all ask ourselves these questions.

When we honour our soul and our truth, we are happier;we feel more fulfilled, more grateful, more love and not stuck in sadness and regret.

This can only help our family life, our community and our world – yes?


If you have pushed your soul all the way to your feet too, hop on a call with me so I can give you some tips on how to bring it up and let it shine from your heart. You deserve to shine, you are worth it!
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