Are You Stuck In Pain?

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You try to connect to love, choose happiness, but you end up feeling guilty because you can’t and then you feel angry and give up?
I know what this is like, I’ve been there. At my absolute worst, I couldn’t cope with reading inspirational or loving quotes. I would read them and say to myself what a load of shit! I hated myself.
I hadn’t always been like that. I had been joyful, abundant, loving, responsible and an achiever.
Several traumatic incidences happened and it left a weeping, festering consuming wound in my soul.
At the time, I was unaware that the beliefs I held in my unconscious mind were causing the pain. Some of these beliefs were established in childhood, others were by the repetitive trauma I had experienced.
I was diagnosed with depression, started taking anti-depressants and got counselling.
I worked in welfare! I worked alongside Doctors, Psychologist and Counsellors. I was case managing my own clients. I knew the system well - the acceptable and standard way to assist people.
My counsellor encouraged me to talk a lot about my past / stories / perceptions. I remember leaving my counselling sessions feeling worse and I would cry, deep painful sobs all the way home. My pain was like a festering wound that wouldn’t heal.
My counsellor appeared please – I was having a breakthrough. I certainly did not feel this way or believed I was. I felt worse. This was not working and I knew it!
I even experienced guilt that the ‘system’ was not working for me!
It must be my fault, right? I’ve always been rebellious and don’t like being told what to do, I always had to learn the hard way (so family members told me).
So, I sucked it all up, pretended to be happy (people preferred it that way) and I drank too much wine at night.
I hated myself and I didn’t know it! I didn’t trust myself and I didn’t know that either!
No one told me or even talked about self-love being the key to heal all the pain.
It wasn’t until I started to look outside of the box, discovered Dream Therapy that things really started to change. I experimented on myself and experienced immediate results. No psychological probing, no hours of re-hashing stories and pain.
I then worked with a Dream Therapist for 12 months – healing myself and learning all that I could from my mentor.
My life started to radically change – this was 8 years ago. I started my own business as a Dream Therapist.
I started my self-love and awakening journey. I started to live the way life is meant to be lived!

I have several programs that cater to your individual journey. If you would like some tips and guidance on what you can do now to quantum leap into your new life, book in for your FREE Soul Queen chat with me here
Or download my free program ‘7 Steps To Quantum Leap Into Your New Life’ here
Margaret xx

“Marg had spoken to me a lot about how my life would change which I was really looking forward to, as I felt like a broken person. My life was a series of disappointments with many hard challenges and I felt like there was no hope.
I was ready for change, so was open to new ways of thinking. A lot of open mindedness was needed to allow change to happen.
Marg had said my thinking will change. This has happened! I feel a lot better within myself, I feel empowered and I have hope for my future.” Felicia Chapman

“Marg & I worked intently on cleaning up some of the unconscious beliefs stopping me from stepping into my power, particularly around my business. We did that through the amazing Dream Therapy! We worked on boundaries as well, specifically in my business - which was about fully stepping into my power also!
Through working with Marg, I have made a quantum leap. Not just in my business, in my life in general and I really want to encourage you to take the bold and courageous step to work with Marg. You won’t regret it - it’ll be an absolute investment in your life and YOU having a quantum leap too! Do it - work with Marg!”
Caitlin McCarthy Transformational Coach and Founder of The Sensual Shift

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