Are You Stuck In Pain?

You try to connect to love, choose happiness, but you end up feeling guilty because you can’t and then you feel angry and give up? I know what this is like, I’ve been there. At my absolute worst, [...]

Are you playing small?

Are you playing small? We women must face and look at ourselves honestly and question the beliefs we carry regarding our power to be complete – emotionally, financially and spiritually. To [...]

Manifesting your vision

You must align yourself with the energy of the vision you hold. You must “pretend” that you are already living it. You do this by FEELING the vision, tapping into the energy of the vision and [...]


Projections People will always self-project – always. They are experiencing life through their eyes. Of cause they will self-project. No need to fight this or get upset or be resentful You too [...]

I was scared of shining!

I WAS SCARED OF SHINING Are you aware of your beliefs that are preventing you from living a soul guided abundant life? These beliefs are really sneaky – I mean really, really, really sneaky! And [...]


Warning! There comes a time in your self-development and awareness where allowing yourself to fall apart will become a habit and actually cause you to self-sabotage. This belief that it is okay [...]