The Direct Tap Process

Do You

Have A

Recurring Dream?

I have developed an on-line process called The Direct Tap Process that allows you to FINALLY understand what that dream is really about, change the unconscious belief that is causing the dream and change or even stop that recurring dream forever!

Currently The Direct Tap Process is available for seven recurring dreams – dreams about toilets, water, teeth, being naked, lost, chased or back at school.

If you are experiencing these types of dreams then you can learn more and purchase The Direct Tap Process on this site.

What Are Dreams

How much are you really aware of why you do what you do? I am always amazed at how people do not know (including me several years ago) that it’s the UNCONSCIOUS mind that affects and influences your waking life. It holds the power. It is a fact that your unconscious mind affects your waking life’s decisions and choices anywhere between 87 – 93% of the time.

The self-development industry is rapidly growing and people are starting to search for inner happiness and acceptance. However, I am still amazed that people (including some self-development workshops and leaders) still try and heal personal disharmony with the conscious mind.

I pose the question to you … if your unconscious mind influences your daily life anywhere between 87% – 93% of the time, why then would you try and change your bad habits, low self-worth and sabotaging behavior with your conscious mind? Really? Does this make sense to you? It certainly doesn’t to me.

Now, here is a little bit about me and my personal journey. I had an abusive childhood (physical, verbal and emotional abuse). I had low self-worth and limited self-acceptance most of my life. My mother passed away when I was 28 years old and I experienced a deep grief for about ten years. I suffered from post-natal depression after becoming a mother and I always gave my power away to others.

I KNEW this and I tried many, many ways to help myself. This included, but was not limited to anti-depressants, meditation, suppression, positive thinking and self-talk, religion, spirituality and counselling (both from a general counselor and a psychologist).Did these help? Yes, I believe they helped in a small way, and some I am still committed to today.

BUT did they shift anything? Did they help me feel peaceful within? Did my self-worth and self-acceptance increase? No.

I decided to try Dream Therapy, and guess what? Yep, for the first time I didn’t have to ‘battle’ or only experience short-lived peace or increased self-worth. I experienced a deep mind shifting perception that seemed to have a rippling effect, touching everything that I did.

A fabulous thing to experience. I find it difficult to put into words how my heart cried with gratitude and relief. I experienced a bonus too — I found my life purpose.I spent 2010 studying, learning and practicing (with a pool of volunteers) the art of Dream Therapy and now run my own successful small business in helping others to reconnect back to themselves and find their ‘flow’.

Your Dreams Speak the Language of Your Unconscious Mind

Here is the point of difference – Dreams are the language of the unconscious mind. Dreams will show you what beliefs your unconscious mind holds. You have a direct tap!

I am not talking about dream dictionaries, broad or ‘intuitive’ dream interpretation. Most of these things are for entertainment purposes only and a bit of a scam in my opinion.

Dream analysis and dream therapy is a lost healing modality and I am here to help bring it back!

Unconscious beliefs are mostly formed in childhood or are a result of a traumatic event experienced as an adult. The unconscious mind has no perception of time or what age you are, so essentially you are carrying around very old beliefs that you have had since childhood that are affecting you in your waking life, and you are not even aware of this.

Negative unconscious beliefs will affect you in the way of self-sabotage—silly little mistakes you repeat and you don’t know why. These can present themselves in the form of relationship problems or business problems or you might just be generally ‘stuck’.

I believe the difference between your life now and the life you desire and strive to achieve are your negative unconscious beliefs.

Permanent Change is Possible

Because dreams are the language of the unconscious mind, when dreams are analysed properly I can identify those beliefs you are carrying around that are keeping you ‘stuck’ or causing you to self-sabotage.

Once these beliefs are identified it only takes the application of some very simple techniques that communicate directly with your unconscious mind to achieve permanent rapid changes. Since these changes occur to your unconscious mind, they are presented in your dreams, making the whole process measurable. The changes can be tracked and the best outcomes achieved.

This process is not for the faint hearted; it is only for those that truly are willing to change. However, once you have taken the first steps, you soon realize that the outcomes are beyond imagination—what many think only exists in dreams.

Transform sneaky self-sabotage beliefs that are keeping you stuck.

If other methods have not worked for you, it’s time to sort it out with Margaret’s direct technique. If clarity, freedom and inner strength are what you are searching for, contact Margaret.