I was scared of shining!

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Are you aware of your beliefs that are preventing you from living a soul guided abundant life? These beliefs are really sneaky – I mean really, really, really sneaky! And most of the time they are unconscious ones too!

Are you like me? I am able to identify these little suckers most of the time AFTER I have learned the lesson ha! I find this fascinating and frustrating at the same time. It like, “C’mon, I am evolving. I am committed to my self-awareness; I am DOING the work! Give me a break!”

One belief that every woman I have come across has had to deal with on some level is their belief around not out-shining a man. I do believe it is very worthwhile you exploring this one.

Why, you ask?

Well, because most of us have been raised in a masculine-dominated environment. Some of us have been raised in environments, such as your family or workplace, where it was unsafe to challenge the males.

Some of us were brought up watching our mothers never questioning our fathers. Some of us were not expected to be as ‘smart’ as boys or further our education.

These are just some obvious life experiences that would affect your ability to speak out and be 100% authentically you – as a woman. There are many, many, many more little subtle ways this belief and/or energy of not shining your light impacts you and prevents you from living a soul guided, abundant life.

I carried this belief since I was born, and at certain times throughout my life I have explored and revealed, and even healed, certain aspects of the belief that I am not safe to shine my light. Now in my 40s I believe I have cracked, released and transformed aspects of this negative belief.

Woman in victorian dress imprisoned in a dungeon

Not shining my light (that is, not being who I truly am and doing what I love, valuing my own talents and strengths and believing I can get paid abundantly while doing this) prevented me from fully experiencing abundance, love and success in my life.

I experienced ‘ceiling levels’ in my business and, especially, my love life. I would hold myself back from stepping UP due to having a man that I loved in my life.

Now, I am not saying any of these men held me back. Most of the time, the men I have loved have supported my vision. I held myself back because of me, because of a sneaky, sneaky unconscious belief that I cannot outshine a man!

What can you do to make sure you are not holding yourself back?

It’s simple, darling – you love you! Love yourself just as you are!

Allow yourself to dream BIG! Let the passionate woman out. Identify 4 to 5 things you really want to accomplish in your life. Make sure you think BIG with this – let your soul be free to express itself. Trust your intuition, trust your heart. This will energetically expand you and bring lightness to your being.

How can I love myself more? This depends on where you are at. If you are just starting out I suggest you implement 2–3 things in your daily life that nurture you and make you feel all juiced up. For example, reading a great book for 20 minutes every day, drinking out of a beautiful cup, slowing your walking down. Be gentle with your body, listen to your favourite music or burn some candles.
Then what? As you allow yourself to focus more on you and you are loving yourself just the way you are, something magical begins to happen. You start to re-connect with aspects of yourself that you may have suppressed. You start to trust your inner world – your intuition – more. You start to see your life a little bit differently.

When you see your life a little differently, you will discover new opportunities arising that help you move forward in a more positive way.

What you focus on grows stronger (this is universal law) and when you are loving you more, you start living a more soul guided life.

Opportunities will come across your path, ranging from a new job, having more confidence, meeting new people, perhaps even just reading this blog or other information – and it inspires you to invest in yourself more.

These are all signs that you are re-connecting back to your true self.

Shine baby, shine!

You’re not broken. You don’t need to be fixed. You just have to remember who you really are. Your true essence – an incredible, beautiful and soulful woman.

We both know, you’ve done so much work already. I get that. You’re powerful and let’s celebrate it. But if you’re really honest you’ve yet to graduate and reclaim your QUEEN. Here’s where I get real. If you were going to do this alone you would have already. I invite you now to invest in going deeper than you ever have before to master living in alignment with your truth. Playing small is over. Doubt is over. It’s time to claim the throne and rule your Queendom.

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