Manifesting your vision

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You must align yourself with the energy of the vision you hold.

You must “pretend” that you are already living it. You do this by FEELING the vision, tapping into the energy of the vision and thinking, feeling, becoming that.

You will slip up, you will doubt and you will self-sabotage. The success comes when you are consciously aware that you are not aligning with the energy of your vision. Be committed to that! Be committed to seeing your beliefs that do not support your growth and/or manifestation of your vision.

You will experience situations where your beliefs will be challenged. By this I mean you will attract scenarios into your life that give you opportunities to identify thoughts/beliefs that are not in alignment with your vision and do not support the energy required to manifest that vision.

If you really want to create a new way of living, you must do this, otherwise your situation will not change.

For example:

If you desire a loving, intimate, respectful partnership you need to feel like you are already living that! Feel like you already have it.

If you desire greater financial abundance, you must feel more lucrative. You can do this with limited funds if that is your situation – you just have to feeeeeel financially abundant.

If you desire better health, you need to feeeeel healthier – align yourself to the energy of health.

If you desire a better job or a different career, you must align yourself to the energy of that desire. See yourself working in that environment, and feel it.

What you focus on grows stronger – this is a universal truth

How do you do that?

I have created many things and experiences by feeeeeeling I already have them.

Be 100% committed to what you wish to create. Visualise daily your desires and feel like they are already in your reality

When you identify that you have slipped up, or you have not put your vision as a priority and life got in the way, just remind yourself what you are working towards. Then connect to the energy and feeling of your desire and get back on track.

It is so true that many people give up just before the breakthrough; just before the manifestation. Don’t judge yourself if you slip up. Instead give yourself a hug, some love, and re-align to the energy and feeling – and just keep going.

Never give up! I promise you what you truly desire will manifest. Just don’t give up!

Everything comes down to feeling that you deserve what you desire and loving yourself. It is important to fill your love cup up when you are working towards your vision. These new feelings will attract new positive opportunities into your life. It is then up to you to take action on those as they will lead you closer to manifesting your desire.  In conclusion, align your feelings to the vibration of what you are desiring, take action on the new opportunities that come your way and stay committed to creating your desires. They will come true; they will manifest.

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