Passion Queen


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Discover what your heart truly desires. You may be surprised!

On this journey you will discover your top five passions, you will gain deep understanding and clarity on what you truly want and how you are going to get there.

Learn how to use ‘Natures Guidance System’ and universal laws to manifest with ease and grace.

If you are desiring a more heart expanded way of living with joy and passion then, this is a terrific program for you.

Gift yourself with meaning, clarity and purpose in life that is guided by your soul.

This package includes

1X 30 min kick off call

Private Facebook Group with weekly guidance

Queen Affirmations

The Passion Test (2x 3hr session)

Queen Meditation Audio

1X 30 mins coaching sessions

Manifesting ritual

Discover your passions and your path to soul purpose

Your investment $697




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