Queen Miracles


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The 40-day divine femme journey into self-love, money and romance.

During our time together, you will tap into your inherent power, which will open the floodgates of love and abundance. The truth is that right now you don’t really trust yourself. You run around in circles anticipating your great breakthrough with success just around the corner, but the corner never comes.


Because you’re not really doing the work you need to do to shift your life. It’s an inside job, Divine woman, and until you release what’s tripping you up, you’re simply not going to get what you want.

This isn’t me trying to incite fear: you’ve done that for long enough with yourself. I’m doing my best to be as honest and loving with you as I possibly can to empower you to change your life once and for all... And become the Queen of your own life.

You see, this is the law. Everything is energy.

Without realizing it, your energy is blocking exactly what you desire.

When you don’t show up and transform your beliefs, story and karmic chaos, you don’t create the space or allow what you really desire to come into your life.

No amount of complaining, desiring, and feeling like you’ve been hard done by is going to work. Debriefing with your girlfriends for hours on end is NOT going to transform your life. The only thing that will work is deciding to truly invest in yourself.

Trust me, I did it the hard way for years and tried to figure it out on my own. I bought into my own story about not having enough money to invest in me. What a load of baloney! The minute I decided that I’d had enough and woke up to fact that I could only change my life by getting support, I took action. Despite my fear, I hired a mentor and within days my life transformed. I knew I couldn’t keep doing what I was doing any longer. I was shattered by the repetitive painful cycle, and I had to be guided out of it once and for all.

Is this your story? I see many women putting their money down in all sorts of places without ever really investing in their number one asset – themselves.

Here’s the truth…

We all need support and guidance to release the toxic stuff we can’t see.  87% of our lives is influenced by our unconscious beliefs. We create what we believe, not what we desire. So if you don’t have the life that you desire right now, I can promise you that there is work to be done to radically change your thoughts.

And you know what?

Your transformation doesn’t have to be painful. During my own journey of healing and ascension, I made it unnecessarily hard. The moment I hired my coach, I had someone to navigate the path with me. I was not alone anymore. I had someone in my corner making sure that I stopped playing small.

Now it’s your turn.

I’ve created a new process – Queen Miracles – that will dramatically transform your life with gentleness. You’ll be held in a sacred space, as I guide you into the landscape of you.  As you transition, change and uplevel, I’ll be by your side, loving you into your greatness.

Imagine this for a moment...

-              Trusting every decision you make with complete crystal clear clarity, no longer influenced by what other people are telling you (unless it’s right for you)

-              Falling deeply in love with yourself once and for all

-              Taking back your power completely to follow your soul calling

-              Changing the outcome of your life with new manifestation powers

-              No longer needing external validation, permission or approval

-              Releasing the need to be liked, so you can be great

-              Tapping deeply into your own intuition and your inherent power

-              Cultivating the divine feminine energy to inspire more ease, flow and deliciousness in your life

How free would you feel? How happy would you be? What kind of life would you create with rock solid self-worth and unstoppable divine power?

You and I both know, your life would be incredible and that’s exactly what you deserve.

If what I’ve shared here resonates with you and touches your heart that means it’s for you. It’s your time to finally have what you want.

Let’s do this!

What you get;

60 minute kick off session to work out your goals Value: $500

Private Facebook Group with weekly guidance

Queen Affirmations

The Passion Test (2×3 hrs session)

Queen Meditation Audio

1X 30 mins coaching session

1 x 60 min The Direct Dream Tap Process – reprograming session to liberate the Divine Feminine within you.

Queen Manifesting Ritual

Liberate The Divine Feminine on-line program & Divine Guidebook

In only a few weeks your life could feel completely different!



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