Quickstart Divine Feminine Reset

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Shift from being stuck in drama karma to being the free and empowered woman you’ve always wanted to be in eight weeks or less.

During our eight-week sacred journey together the QUICKSTART DIVINE FEMININE RESET will empower you to create exactly what you want in your life without your life falling apart.

So right now, chances are you are feeling deeply called to rise but you have no idea what to do and how to get there. You’re grateful for what you have – your children, your parents, your home, friends … but without knowing it you’ve settled for ‘just the way it is’ and it’s starting to tear you apart.

You think you’ve surrendered but in many ways, you’ve given up. The truth is your life is lacking something and you know there is more.

If you take a moment to really hear me now, I ask you to go within = ask yourself– what do I really want now to feel deeply nourished and free in my life?

I don’t want you to feel that you’ve failed. Haven’t we all being made to believe that we’re not enough. Nothing that we ever do or be is enough. We have been conditioned to believe that we can’t follow our hearts or we can as a hobby or only to a certain level - we must stay within the guidelines! And heck, most of us aren’t taught about our true power and what we are capable of!

For centuries women have been shunned, judged, controlled, tortured and killed just for BEING.

We are carrying cellular memory from our previous experiences / lives, ancestors and are affected by the mass consciousness pain of the suppression of the divine feminine.

This is not a man hating rant.

This is just looking at the truth of why we are struggling to live our full potential, because we must address why this happened and what’s happening so we can break free from it.

This IS affecting your decisions and choices you make in your life. It is time to un-plug from your stories and the mass consciousness pain of the suppression of the Divine Feminine. Without a doubt, we are being fully supported to take this journey and rise right now.  Our world is changing and evolving at a rapid rate – you can choose this path and let go of karma drama, and your BS stories once and for all.

You can create anything you desire, you can live with love, gratitude, joy, abundance and empowerment. IF you take full responsibility for your conscious, unconscious beliefs and your own empowerment.


*Release any tendencies of suppressing your needs to please others, and allow yourself to make your happiness a priority.

* Let go of your reactions of defence or blame, and remind yourself to stay calm during chaos.

*Unburden yourself of your negative feelings towards others, and reclaim your responsibility to be the Queen of your happiness.

*Remove yourself from any relationships with people who don't support you, and allow positive loving people into your life who love you for who you are.

*Magnetise abundance on every level

*Consciously create far beyond your wildest dreams

*Do all of this without your life falling apart.

Now is a potent time to reclaim your power and shine your light and love in a way that is overwhelmingly empowering and far beyond what you currently understand and experience.

What do you get?

  • 4 x 60 minute group on-line live trainings ($1250)

Queen Balancing, Queen Love, Queen Manifesting, Queen Power

1x 60 minute group on-line Divine Deep Diva Queen Coaching ($250)

  • 2 x 30 minute private Divine Femme laser coaching sessions with me ($250)
  • 60 – 90 minute Dream Alchemy session with me (valued $497)

We go deep here and enter your unconscious mind to re-program the suppression of the Divine Feminine.

  • Quickstart Divine Feminine Reset Guidebook – over 30 juicy divine pages full of potent magical teachings, mantras and exercises to support your journey($397.00)
  • 1 x 90mins Healing session (valued $250)

Any Soul Fragments that have been swapped during, any relationship, will be returned to their rightful place. Feelings of self-worth, self-love are installed into your DNA. Marriage Contracts/   Agreements etc, will be cancelled and made null and void.

  • Queen Awakening meditation
  • Private FB GROUP

ONLY 8 SPOTS. Once they are gone they are gone.

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EARLY BIRD: Sign up before  30th May 2017

PAY IN FULL: $997 ($1647.00 saving)

PAYMENT PLAN: 3 monthly payments of $399


PAY IN FULL: $1,497 ($1147.00 saving)

PAYMENT PLAN: 3 monthly payments of $679

WHERE: On-line live training via Zoom. Classes are recorded and you get to keep them forever.

WHEN: Start live training Tuesday 6th June 2017

"I have been a wanting to work with Marg for a while now. I was always intrigued by the idea of dream therapy. As soon as I heard about Marg talk about her new program, Quick Start Divine Feminine Reset I knew that I had to join.

I really needed help with speaking my truth, setting boundaries and loving myself. Within a couple of weeks of working with Marg I have experienced rapid growth and my life is more balanced. I am feeling confident and standing in my power. I’m even finding communicating with my Husband and children easier.

Marg is genuine, open and gives her all to her clients. I would highly recommend any of Marg’s services. If you are looking to expand your life considerably in a short amount of time, Marg will provide you will the tools and the support to do so".
Love, Light and Laughter
Kelly Reidy

"Working with Marg I learned how to stop the negative thoughts that prevented me from being who I truly am. I dropped my BS stories and drama karma and can define my truth, speak it and make changes in my life. I have learned how to say no, be true to me and I no longer give my power away. I now unconditionally love myself and know that I am worth receiving all that I desire. I have received a promotion at work and others see my value and worth. I feel valued. I have also been head hunted for other work and find myself in the position where I get to choose. I now choose what is best for me and what reflects my value. I feel lighter, free and safe in my life. I am more empowered. My confidence has increased and I now know that I can and do create whatever I want. Thank you, Marg, for opening my heart!”
Rachel Gunning


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