Understanding The Divine Feminine

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Divine Feminine energy is your natural state. It is all your woo woo magic, creative, manifesting energy. It’s your power source and your biggest strength and support to living your soul-guided life.

You must reconnect with your inherent feminine energy to experience a quantum leap.

The feminine is not weak or disempowered. It is strong, flowing, nurturing and creative.

I’d like you to think of it this way…

Soft on the outside and strong on the inside. Being soft on the outside supports you to powerfully receive, and being strong on the inside supports you to have clarity, healthy boundaries and to take action.

These two aspects (soft on the outside and strong on the inside), working in unison, make you a master manifester, a powerful creator, and will support a quantum leap.

In essence, feminine energy is about receiving and being. It exists just as it is.

Think of it in terms of sex. The female offers the ‘passage’ to receive the masculine. Her feminine aspect does not have to do anything to be able to receive; it is just there and available at any moment she chooses. All she has to do is decide if she wants to surrender and receive – she just has to Be.

The masculine is all about action – the Doing. For example, in terms of sex the male has to take action in order to give, even physiologically speaking.

As women we have not been taught how to surrender and receive because we have lived in a masculine-dominated society for centuries. We have been taught how to take action and do.

The good news is that your Divine Feminine energy is still within you and is waiting to be awakened!

When you start to give to yourself, you are learning how to receive and will assist the Divine Feminie to awaken within you.

Below is a Mantra that I created for you. You can chant this over and over again to support you with receiving.

Receiving Mantra

I deserve to receive all my heart desires

and I up-level with ease and grace.

I give to myself, while I receive from the Divine;

I am enough, I am worthy, I am fabulous;

I am love, I receive.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

For centuries women have been shunned, judged, controlled, tortured and killed just for BEING.

We are carrying cellular memory from our previous experiences/lives and ancestors, and we are affected by the mass consciousness pain of the suppression of the divine feminine.

This is not a man hating rant.

This is just looking at the truth of why we are struggling to live to our full potential, as we must address why this happened and what’s happening, so we can break free from it.

This IS affecting your decisions and choices you make in your life. It is time to un-plug from your stories and the mass consciousness pain of the suppression of the Divine Feminine. Without a doubt, we are being fully supported to take this journey and rise right now. Our world is changing and evolving at a rapid rate – you can choose this path and let go of ‘karma drama’ and your BS stories once and for all and experience a quantum leap.

You can create anything you desire; you can live with love, gratitude, joy, abundance and empowerment, IF you take full responsibility for your conscious, unconscious beliefs and your own empowerment.

There are three major blocks that I see in most women that prevent them from fully connecting to their Divine Feminine Power.  And as mentioned above, this has occurred because we have been killed, betrayed, tortured and shunned for being who we truly are.

These are:

1) Fear of speaking your truth

2) Fear of outshining a man

3) Fear of trusting yourself

Over the next week, I would like you to notice how this is affecting and influencing your life. It helps if you observe yourself from a third party perspective. Makes notes, keep a journal of your observations – they’re great for increasing self-awareness and reflection.

Be gentle and kind with yourself as you observe yourself. With awareness, you will release and transform in your own time.

If anything feels really heavy and thick, and you know you can’t shift it on your own, please reach out to me. Dream Therapy is a permanent and gentle way to release, transform and re-program.

Women need women and even I have a team of healers that I seek out when I feel this way with my empowerment journey.

If you are really ready to step up for YOU and take a quantum leap in 2017 then, check out my Quick Start Divine Feminine Reset program here https://margaretsramko.com/product/quickstart-divine-feminine-reset/
What to know more and discover if this program is for you? Email me at contact@margaretsramko.com and we can organise a time to chat.

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