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There comes a time in your self-development and awareness where allowing yourself to fall apart will become a habit and actually cause you to self-sabotage. This belief that it is okay to fall apart, as shown in the below graphics, can in actual factblog warning be toxic to your manifesting abilities and self-empowerment!

“Why?” some may ask. “No way! My pain is real! I have responsibilities and hardship that I must endure and I didn’t create those!  … I always gets through it in the end, so what’s the problem?” … I am sure some can add their own self-justification / ego statement here too. I know, as I used to too.

I want to ask you a question: Does a Queen fall apart?

Do you TRULY want joy and lightness? Do you truly want to be the Queen of your life? Do you truly desire to create and master yourself before you ‘die’?

Well, you need to become a Queen. A Queen is a woman who knows herself deeply – on every level, she loves and accepts herself for who she is. She trusts and is guided by her intuition.   She has mastered her emotions – they flow through her so they don’t control her. Because she knows herself so intimately she is able to maintain her centre and stand in her truth when she is confronted. She is not thrown by failure either, she knows she is growing and evolving. She is able to stay focused on her vision and goal with flexibility regardless of what obstacles may come her way. If you are really ready to master yourself, and you’re willing to commit to that right now and take full responsibility for your life, you must never let obstacles or challenges let you fall apart.

In the early stages of awakening, falling apart is necessary and is part of the journey to empowerment. But, honey, if you are reading this and you have gotten this far, I think it’s safe to say you are past that stage.

This behaviour of ‘falling apart’ becomes a habit for most. It then becomes your comfort zone, and so you convince yourself or justify to yourself that you are growing and that you are evolving.
What I see occurring in a lot of my clients, and colleagues in the industry, are that, because they have experienced this falling-apart process and come out at the other side, not once but several times throughout their awakening, they now believe this is the way to self-mastery.

This is an illusion.

This pattern of behaviour will cause you to unconsciously self-sabotage and it may keep you stuck for years!

Take a deep breathe, connect with your heart, fill your body up with your love … When you are full of love, I want you to ask yourself “Am I falling apart to keep me from my greatness?”

You will feel the truth. When you reach a certain level of awakening, you no longer need to fall apart. In fact, you can up level very quickly and experience quantum leaps in hours or even a day.

This is truth and I want you to know this; to be aware of this.

You are in complete control of your growth and you are creating your reality every moment through your beliefs.  So why not then choose the belief that you can level up with ease and grace – and then you will. Choose this reality for yourself NOW. Make the decision NOW If you are really ready to live your life in self-mastery and be guided by your soul then “Stop falling apart”.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to stop this cycle of behaviour. I can help. If you are really done with playing it small and falling apart, hop on a call with me and discover why being a Queen brings you self-mastery, unlimited riches and love. You can book in here localhost/margaretsramko/bookings

Right in the middle of “falling apart” and “holding it together” is the secret place. Stay there. Explore there. It is here where you will find the rest you are longing for, the remedy to the exhaustion of becoming. It is here where the light and the dark are in union, where integration and disintegration emerge as one in love, and where lunar and solar weave together particles of the sacred world.

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