What I Do

I help women to claim their inherent feminine power, transform limiting beliefs that stop them from living the life they desire, connect them back to their souls so, they can start living a soul guided life, identify their passions (passions are the gateway to soul purpose), increase emotional intelligence and mastery, negative self-talk, self-sabotage, low confidence into success, fulfillment, self-empowerment and abundance. My Queen packages provide the space, support and tools to help women to re-evaluate their lives and make profound changes.

My Practice

I offer 1:1 sessions via Skype or telephone. I also offer 1 – 3 day VIP personal and group coaching retreats here in Brisbane or I will travel to a location of your choice.

Who I Work With

In the last 5 years I have professionally coached many people. My clients have included authors, counselors, single mums, life coaches, teachers, corporate executives, entrepreneurs the list goes on. Most people come to me because they want more from life, they need a change and they can’t see a way through their current situation.

I Will Support You

My work is my passion and soul purpose. I absolutely love assisting people to live a soul directed life with increased feeling of joy, love and trust in themselves. Your success becomes my success! I love to heal, repair and restart women’s lives, this work comes so naturally to me. If you are my client I will fight for your vision, I’ll encourage you, support you, nourish you and celebrate with you when you achieve your dreams. If you need someone hugely compassionate, intuitive, energetic, inspiring, creative, dynamic and innovative in your team. I’m your Queen! I’ll help you create the life you desire!

How We Can Work Together

Dream Analysis

Do you have a dream that is troubling you, causing you unneeded stress in your life? Are you curious or have a feeling that your dream is important and you need to get it analysed.
This is a perfect option for you.
In this consult I will identify the unconscious belief that is creating your dream (very empowering as you will become aware of what really is driving your life) and explain step by step what the dream symbolizes and give you tips on how you can work with this dream to improve and move forward in your life.

My Programs


Queen Miracles

The 40-day divine femme journey into self-love, money and romance.

During our time together, you will tap into your inherent power, which will open the floodgates of love and abundance.
Queen Miracles will dramatically transform your life with gentleness. You’ll be held in a sacred space, as I guide you into the landscape of you.  As you transition, change and uplevel, I’ll be by your side, loving you into your greatness.

Passion Queen

Discover what your heart truly desires. You may be surprised!

On this journey you will discover your top five passions, you will gain deep understanding and clarity on what you truly want and how you are going to get there.
If you are desiring a more heart expanded way of living with joy and passion then, this is a terrific program for you. Gift yourself with meaning, clarity and purpose in life that is guided by your soul.

Miracle Manifesting Magic

Nail the 4 essential steps to becoming a manifesting dynamo!
4 powerful sacred manifesting teachings and play book. Learn the art of Divine Manifestation and rise into your power to receive abundance on every level.

Liberate The Divine Feminine

Transform your energy and life with 4 magical teachings and Divine guidebook!
Imagine shifting from feeling restricted, resentful, hurt and stifled by shame to unlocking a rock solid sense of sacred empowerment. You will move into a space of deep contentment, trust, and centeredness that is birthed from you being a divinely balanced and connected woman. You will fully know who you are, what you desire, and where you’re going, shame free. YOU are the leader of your own life. You are the creatrix of your happiness. You are the Divine Feminine.

Quickstart Divine Feminine Reset

In this 8 week journey you’ll discover the courage to design the life you dream of.
We both know, you’ve done so much work already. I get that. You’re powerful and let’s celebrate it. But if you’re really honest you’ve yet to graduate and reclaim your QUEEN. Here’s where I get real. If you were going to do this alone you would have already. I invite you now to invest in going deeper than you ever have before to master living in alignment with your truth. Playing small is over. Doubt is over. It’s time to claim the throne.

Magical Teachings

These 5 Programs are my foundation of transformation programs and are essential for every Divine Queen on her journey.