You can’t run from emotional pain

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I have always been an emotional person, and this certainly was a challenge for a family whose only coping mechanism for women with emotion was to suck it up!

During my teenage years, and in my twenties, I remember my family and other people around me getting angry with me when I showed emotion! I was never taught how to deal with my emotions in an empowered way. I was doomed from the start. LOL

In my early forties, I now understand that these childhood experiences were necessary for me to learn emotional mastery, live a Soul guided life, do the work I was born to do and succeed in business.

I am still releasing emotion that I have suppressed over decades! The difference now is that is does not control me.

During my teenage years, the emotions just kept building up! I started smoking during these years and smoked for over twenty years on and off. On reflection I realise it was the smoking that helped me manage my emotions, and even today when I am experiencing deep hurt I crave nicotine!
Here is the irony of it all: I had to choose something that punished me as I was feeling emotions! Do you see that? Because emotions are ‘bad’ and I couldn’t stop myself from feeling them, and this was “bad” so, to stop myself from feeling them, I smoked. Knowing this is bad for me, I punished myself for being a powerful, emotional woman!

My suppressed “negative” emotions such as grief, anger, judgement and hate also led to experiencing post-natal depression after my babies were born. I literally remember visualising a steel wall closing down in front of my heart when my son was born – because I was so scared of the love I felt that I knew I would not survive if anything happened to him or he hurt me. The pain of my emotions would kill me.
I want to make this very clear … The above experiences ONLY occurred to me because I did not know how to manage my emotions and/or release them in healthy ways. To me, they were just bad and I was a bad person for feeling them!

My emotional vulnerability is a gift to the world and to myself. Without my emotion I would not be able to help my clients; without mastering it for myself I would not be able to teach it. Like any gift it must be learned, to be mastered, and to be used in a powerful and loving way.

All you need to do is release the emotion and stay in a frequency of love and trust, and just get on with it, baby! Sounds easy, right? (ha ha ha )

The best way to do this is to experience/feel the emotion, but to observe yourself as a third party so you don’t get consumed in the emotion.

One thing I know for certain is I would never be able to learn this or master my emotions without the help of other women – mainly professional women or powerful healers.

So, I want you to know that if you want freedom from your emotions and old stories that are full of pain and negativity, you can! And if it's all too painful or emotional – do it for your kids, do it for your husband, do it for your mum or dad. Whoever you need to do it for ... just do it!
I can GUARANTEE that you'll START out doing it for "them" and you'll continue doing it for YOU.
You CAN learn to love yourself.
You CAN learn through love not pain.
You CAN change your life
I 100% KNOW this because I've DONE IT and I'm DOING IT!!

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