7 Steps to Kickstart and Power Up Your Dream Life

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Are you less than totally thrilled with how your life is going? You are READY for a change, your heart is calling for change but, you just can’t get there or you’re not sure where to start and how to make that happen?

Here’s my top seven tips to begin and live your life, happy, fulfilled and living your highest mission and purpose!

1)Commit to yourself and make it happen. When you make a sacred vow, the magic starts to flow. You're not sitting on the sidelines waiting for your life to shift; you make it shift by embodying and becoming the woman who commits to herself and her vision.
Don’t wait for someone to give you permission, don’t wait for someone to do it with or for you.
  If you want to truly live your dream, you've got to be fully in - mind, body and soul and, yes, financially too. The truth is, we don't start living our dream life on our own, ever. We need support, love, healing and strategy.

2)  Creative time - Create a vision board, gather images and words that connect with your passions and depict your ideal life and stick them in a vision book or on a poster board. Take images from magazines, photos, Pinterest. Get creative and have fun with it! Create every day or at the very least once a week – paint, draw, write, sew, garden, again – you choose.

3)  Make time for self-love and nurture - you don't need to book yourself into a pamper/self-love retreat, you can do it at home. Why not start with a relaxing bath (does not matter what time of day) I love to have a bath in the morning after I drop the kids off at school.  Have some silent time every day, turn your phone off and don’t be on-line and go inward (even if its 5 or 10mins to begin with) and go for silent walks and marvel at the beauty and energy of yourself and nature.

4)  Create an altar - Clear a space in your home that you regularly see, gather together objects that are dear to you (these may be shells, statues, feathers, photos, angel cards - -you choose) and place them on your altar. I light candles on my altar. This altar may be a good place to meditate or pray in front of or to set your intentions for the day or month or year!

5)  Choose happiness and surround yourself with positive people - Choose to bring more joy into your life, tell a joke, smile for no reason, dance, sing, do whatever helps you feel light and bright.
Misery loves misery, lessen the time you spend with people who are stuck in victimville! When you do this, you’re making room for more positive and supportive people to come into your life.

6)  Be kind, loving and patient with yourself - If you break a resolution, go on a food binge or indulge in victim thoughts, it's ok, it happens. Be gentle with yourself, focus on how you want to feel when you keep the resolutions (for example if one of yours is about breaking old patterns and negative beliefs - focus on yourself being and feeling empowered) and get yourself back on track again.

7)  Take daily steps towards your big dreams - Sometimes our dreams feel too big and inaccessible. Look at your dreams daily (whether it's written on a list or your vision board) and take an action every day to bring you closer to them - however small the action. Consistency is key!

Why are these my best tips?
To create and live your highest version and vision of your life, you must let go most of / if not all your conditioning, family inherited beliefs that are crap and will keep stuck, playing the same records over and over again. All the shizz needs to go and it
will be a very hard, torturous, thick, looooooong journey if you do it in isolation and not learn to love and nurture YOU!   
It doesn’t have to be long and hard! You CAN heal, transform, create and live your life with ease and grace

If what I'm saying resonated with you, and you're over playing the victim and being stuck, then check out the program QUICKSTART DIVINE FEMININE RESET here  https://margaretsramko.com/product/quickstart-divine-feminine-reset/
This is for women who are ready to fully own their inherent power in a deeper way by playing a bigger game, changing their lives and fulfilling their purpose. If that's you, book in for a chat with me here https://margaretsramko.com/book-margaret/

Also remember, you're divine and if you want your dreams to come true, whether it's with me or someone else, you've got to invest in you. It's time.

Much Love,
Margaret xx

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