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People will always self-project – always. They are experiencing life through their eyes. Of cause they will self-project. No need to fight this or get upset or be resentful

You too self-project what you believe. You get to choose.

If you want respect – project respect If you want love – project love If you want integrity – project integrity If you want honesty – project honesty If you want transparency – project transparency If you want peace – project peace You get the idea.

Have you got the courage to BE what you want to experience?

Do you have the courage to let go of the people who do not mirror your beliefs?

When you become what you desire, people will drop out of your life that do not reflect you. You will stop being upset or concerned by what others are projecting – because, you know who you are. You will start to attract people who reflect you – people will come into your life that mirror your projections – this is natural law.

Get on with your own life and project what you want to experience. Enjoy the freedom and peace that is available to you in life.  You choose.

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