Resiliance Blocking Love and Abundance?

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Do you have empowered or disempowered resilience? Recently, I awoke from a dream and was feeling a little perplexed; I found the symbolism intriguing!

I know the value and power in dream analysis (and am a little bit addicted to it – it is my fav tool for self-understanding and growth as most of you know!), and I wasted no time to crack its code and discover the hidden messages that awaited me.
Well, I experienced a HUGE ahaaaaa! (Don’t you just LOVE when that happens?) It completely turned upside down my understanding of resilience and vulnerability.
Who agrees that we have been exposed and encouraged to believe such statements as these?
• “Keep on going; don’t let them get you down.”
• “You need to be more resilient.”
• “Resilience is necessary to achieve your goals and dreams.”
“Resilience will protect you.”
• “Pull your big girl panties up and keep moving forward.”

Now, don’t get me wrong; these are all valuable and important statements that do serve us well. However, what I have discovered and believe is that these statements will not empower you if they are out of balance or if you are suppressing your pain, shock, grief and vulnerability (blocking you from love and abundance).

Ask yourself, “Do I use resilience / am I resilient because deep, deep, down I am scared of being rejected, shunned or alone?” In other words, “Am I resilient so I can suppress my authenticity and vulnerability?”
If you resonate with this, your resilience is coming from a space of disempowerment.

I assure you, you are not alone! Many, if not all people have done this at some stage. Suppressing your vulnerability will keep you from moving forward and prevent you from your power and authenticity. This will:

1) block you from abundance on every level
2) stifle your empowerment and therefore your ability to create
3) prevent you from deeply and fully connecting and trusting yourself
4) open you to being manipulated by others.
And this can all occur in the name of ‘love’ or ‘resilience’.
My dream clearly showed me, in a way that I could understand, how my ‘resilience’ over the years has stopped me from being fully vulnerable and authentic because I was scared of not being accepted, loved or supported by the people in my life.

You see, in the past I have been proud of my resilience. However, this dream showed me that we can experience empowered and disempowered resilience and how disempowered resilience will prevent growth in all areas of life. It will also cause resistance in forming solid, genuine relationships with people in your life that are respectful of a give-and-take dynamic.

The reality is, we’re here to grow physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Without growth, we aren’t fulfilling our purpose. Patterns and beliefs will dissolve, but only when we take responsibility for them first. We are used to moulding and changing ourselves to please people we love because we don’t want them to stop loving us – this stifles growth.

Learning how to analyse your dreams will assist you to be the best version of you in a magical empowering, realistic and truthful way. Have a Direct Tap to your unconscious beliefs, so you can grow in awareness and self-empowerment.
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